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Poster: glenn Date: Aug 22, 2004 5:15am
Forum: etree Subject: shntool help please

I need to check for sector boundary issues.

If there's an easier way than shn tool let me know...

I'm not very comfortable or familiar with command line based programs.

The shntool FAQs I've read have not clarified things any for me.

I usually understand this stuff without so much effort, but I admit I'm stumped now.

What I'm trying to do: I merged 2 tracks that should have been one track, and then I
checked it with shntool using this .bat file:

shntool -len -mb *.shn > shnlength.txt
:: cmg 4/18/2001
:: the syntax above uses the new parameter style,
:: previous ver was "shntool len -u mb *.shn".
:: alternately, you may use other params,
:: such as "shntool -len -mb -debug *.shn" for more info.
:: see "shntool -len -h" for specific help on the '-len' param.s

I did this by right clicking on the file to invoke the 'shnlength' association I created according to the instructions at the Hamilton's small shn faq page:
(I love the Hamiltons, everything I've seen with either of their names on it has been splendid, by the way. I've never met or interacted with them in any way, but their generosity and helpfulness has popped into my awareness on dozens of occasions in the last 5 years)

I get an error when I do this. The error message is:

shntool: error: invalid mode or option: -len

also: I've tried this on .shn and .wav files, from more than one fileset... and got the same error. I assume it's too simple for me to spend the rest of my weekend on it, so I'm going to go play in my garden for a while.

Any help or advice would be much more than welcome. Thanks.

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Poster: bleblanc Date: Aug 22, 2004 7:31am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: shntool help please

shntool: error: invalid mode or option: -len

For the most recent version of SHNtool, it should read like this (eliminate the dash in front of 'len')

shntool len -mb *.shn > shnlength.txt

The -mb switch just changes the output from bytes to megabytes.

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Poster: bleblanc Date: Aug 22, 2004 7:30am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: shntool help please

Here's a quick walkthrough for other folks learning SHNtool the first time on a Windows system.

1. Download the latest version from here:

2. Copy shntool.exe and cygwin1.dll to your C:\windows\system32 folder

3. Open a command window (Start Menu > Run > type "cmd" and hit enter)

4. Change the command line working directory to the folder with the SHN/FLAC/WAV files in it. For example, my files reside in the directory D:\WIP (Work In Progress) The commands to get there are as follows (the stuff I type is in bold)

C:\Documents and Settings\Brad>d:

D:\>cd WIP

D:\WIP\>shntool len *.wav > output.txt

The above command will create a text file in the D:\WIP folder called "output.txt" with the shntool info about any *.wav files in the folder.

Easy enough, right? When you open the TXT file to check it out, you want to look for the following things (this section is all copied from the TUTORIAL.TXT file that comes with your SHNtool download)

all columns:

'-' this particular entry is OK
'x' this particular entry is not applicable or cannot be determined

cdr column:

'c' data is not [C]D-quality
'b' CD-quality WAVE data is not cut on a sector [b]oundary
's' CD-quality WAVE data is too [s]hort to be burned

WAVE column:

'h' WAVE [h]eader is not canonical
'e' WAVE file contains [e]xtra chunks

problems column:

'3' file contains an ID[3]v2 tag
'a' audio data is not block-[a]ligned
'i' WAVE header is [i]nconsistent about data size and/or file size
't' WAVE file seems to be [t]runcated
'j' WAVE file seems to have [j]unk appended to it

Should you find a 'b' in the cdr column, the command to fix it is:

D:\WIP\>shntool fix *.wav

For the most part, folks are most concerned with the SBE's indicated by the 'b'. However, it might be a good idea to clean up non-canonical headers if you see an 'h' in the WAVE column like this:

D:\WIP\>shntool strip *.wav


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